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Twitch is moving from Flash to HTML 5

Following on from other sites abandoning Flash, streaming site, Twitch, has also revealed that it will be switching from Adobe's solution to HTML 5, just as YouTube did some time ago. Flash Plenty of big name companies have been moving away from Flash recently, including Mozilla and Facebook, whose Chief of Security called for its death earlier this month.

This means Twitch's video player controls will go through a bit of a redesign with Javascript and HTML 5 options. Flash has been seen as inefficient for some time now but more and more sites seem to be moving away from Adobe's ageing software recently.


Part of the reason for ditching Flash is due to security concerns. Adobe's software has not had a great record over the years but more recently, following the Hacking Team leak, some major vulnerabilities were discovered, which led to Mozilla blocking the software by default in a Firefox update.

You can read Twitch's full blog on the matter, HERE. 

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KitGuru Says: Plenty of sites have been distancing themselves away from Flash over the last few years though there are still some that heavily rely on it, such as browser based game sites, like Newgrounds. 

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