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Twitch is moving from Flash to HTML 5

Following on from other sites abandoning Flash, streaming site, Twitch, has also revealed that it will be switching from Adobe’s solution to HTML 5, just as YouTube did some time ago. Flash Plenty of big name companies have been moving away from Flash recently, including Mozilla and Facebook, whose Chief …

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Why does Adobe Flash need so many updates?

When software works, the updates are few and far between. When things go wrong on a regular basis and you’re always picking up new faults, then you need to issue loads of updates. KitGuru has noticed a lot of Adobe updates for Flash recently and is wondering ‘What, exactly, is …

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HTML could soon have its own web based DRM


While it seems to be uncertain at the moment if it’ll become a standard – here’s hoping not – the possibility of adding DRM to HTML is being talked about as a very real possibility in the near future. Known as the Encrypted Media Extensions proposal, the project is already …

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Porn makers to ditch flash – HTML5 is sexier

It looks like Steve Jobs has an unlikely ally in his battle against Adobe Flash because according to an article written by Wolfgang Gruener it looks like the porn industry will abandon flash as soon as desktop browsers fully support HTML 5. Leading adult film studio Digital Playground has announced …

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