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Notebook makers need to adjust inventory before releasing ‘Skylake’ laptops – report

It is not a secret that Intel Corp. plans to formally introduce its code-named “Skylake” processors for mobile computers in late September or early October, 2015. Apparently, notebook makers are ready to mass produce new generation of laptops based on the next-gen central processing units, according to a media report. However, many vendors still need to clear-out their current inventory before releasing next-gen products.

The mobile PC supply chain has already prepared to start mass-production of “Skylake”-based notebooks in September, reports DigiTimes. However, since many laptop brands still have a lot of current-generation notebooks in the channel inventory, they need to sell them off first and only then start to roll-out their next-gen products. In fact, according to the web-site, notebook suppliers are “adjusting” their schedules for launches of “Skylake”-based products to minimize the impact.


The report claims that Hewlett-Packard is “currently ahead of others in the preparation”, which means that the company may introduce the broadest range of “Skylake”-based laptops among top PC makers. While leading manufacturers of mobile personal computers will likely introduce their flagship offerings featuring “Skylake” central processing units in September or October, mainstream laptops will get “Skylake” chips a little later.

Last year Intel said that notebooks powered by its “Skylake” processors will have a number of distinctive features compared to currently available machines. In particular, such laptops are expected to feature Rezence wireless charging capability (WiTricity), WiGig wireless docking technology, USB 3.1 with type-C receptacle and numerous other innovative capabilities.


Laptop makers reportedly do not expect Microsoft Windows 10 to be a major demand driver for their products. However, keeping in mind that “Skylake” chips will be released after Windows 10 hits the market, all “Skylake”-based notebooks will run the new OS from Microsoft.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: While flagship “Skylake”-based notebooks will clearly integrate Rezence, WiGig, USB 3.1 and other innovations, it remains to be seen whether mainstream notebooks will sport such technologies too. In a bid to significantly boost their sales, Intel and its partners will need to create “Centrino” effect with new platforms. Unfortunately, at present there are no signs that Intel is preparing a massive product launch, but rather is getting ready for a refresh.

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