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Wireless charging, wireless docking and smart sensing will remain exotic PC features

When Intel Corp. revealed first details about its mobile platforms powered by its code-named “Skylake” microprocessors about a year ago, the company said that the new systems would feature a number of innovative technologies, including wireless charging, fast wireless docking, Thunderbolt 3 interconnection, RealSense cameras and so on. But while …

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Intel ‘Skylake-U’ processor lineup for notebooks detailed

A web-site has published complete specifications of Intel Corp.’s upcoming “Skylake-U” microprocessors for low-power laptops. The new central processing units will have thermal design power of around 15W and promise to significantly increase performance of ultra-thin notebooks. As reported, Intel will release its code-named “Skylake-U” processors in September. The Core …

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Intel: ‘Skylake’ to have 10–20% higher performance than ‘Broadwell’

It is not a secret that Intel Corp.’s upcoming “Skylake” processors will have a number of micro-architecture-related advantages over predecessors. Various leaks point to different kind of performance gains, but Intel itself, apparently, expects its new central processing units to be 10 – 20% faster than “Broadwell” products depending on …

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Intel: ‘Skylake’ to consume 60% less energy than ‘Broadwell’

Intel Core M “Broadwell” processors already feature impressively low power consumption, but the upcoming Core M “Skylake” chips will sport not only all-new micro-architecture, but also even lower power consumption, according to an excerpt from Intel’s document. Manufacturers of notebooks and high-performance tablets will be able to make their devices thinner and …

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Intel unveils WiGig-powered 7Gb/s wireless docking tech for mobile PCs

Intel Corp. has formally unveiled its wireless docking technology first announced last year. The new tech will be supported by laptops, tablets and 2-in-1 hybrid systems powered by the company’s next-generation microprocessors code-named “Skylake”. The new tech will rely on WiGig technology and will eventually be accompanied by Rezence, a …

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Intel wants to get rid of cables with ‘Skylake’-based devices

The upcoming systems powered by the Core M “Broadwell” microprocessors will certainly be impressive. But the real revolution awaits us sometimes in 2015 – 2016, when Intel Corp.’s partners roll-out devices based on the code-named “Skylake” central processing units. Those mobile systems are expected to be completely wireless and therefore …

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Wi-Fi at seven Gbps coming soon


Wi-Fi that can operate at up to seven gigabits per second could be just around the corner, as chipset firms Marvell and Wilocity have announced a partnership to develop the new high speed wireless technology. The standard, known as IEEE 802.11ad operates in the 60Ghz band and was originally created …

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