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Asus: Intel ‘Skylake’ and Microsoft Windows 10 to debut in Q3

Chief executive officer of Asustek Computer has revealed that Intel Corp.’s code-named “Skylake” microprocessors as well as Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 10 operating system will both debut in the third quarter of the year. He also disclosed that his company’s products with new chips inside will use the next-generation operating system as well.

Quarterly sales of Asus’ notebooks are only slightly behind shipments of Apple’s MacBooks. In the first quarter of 2015 the company sold 4.8 million laptops, which is a lot. Mobile PCs represent a tangible part of Asustek’s business and the company will do its best to stay ahead of competitors in terms of innovations and performance. In the second half of the year Asus will aggressively roll-out new models featuring the latest microprocessors from Intel as well as the new OS from Microsoft.

“With Skylake and Windows 10 scheduled to be launched in the third quarter, we are focusing on a couple of models in our mainstream product lines, for example, one from ZenBook, the other from gaming products,” said Jerry Shen, chief executive officer of Asustek Computer, at the company’s quarterly conference call with investors and financial analysts, according to a transcript published by SeekingAlpha. “We are going to launch ahead of our competitors.”


Neither Intel, nor Microsoft, have disclosed exact launch dates for their upcoming products. AMD expects the software giant to release its Windows 10 in July, but analysts are not sure that actual PCs with the new OS will hit the market before September or October. Asustek expects Windows 10 to arrive in July and Intel “Skylake” for notebooks to debut in August. Asustek Computer hopes to start selling its laptops featuring Intel Core M and Core i “Skylake” microprocessors and Microsoft Windows 10 in the third quarter, which means September, at the latest. However, there will be Windows 10-based hardware with previous-gen chips as well.

“In July, we will see the official transition to Windows 10,” said Mr. Shen. “In August, Skylake will come into the market, so there are two different transitions, one in July, the other in August. Windows 10 in July and Skylake in August and only in September we will see a more comprehensive transition.”


The head of Asus pins a lot of hopes on the company’s next-generation laptops based on Intel’s new chips. Apart from Windows 10, the new notebooks will feature USB 3.1 and reversible USB 3.1 type-C ports, select models will support Rezence wireless charging and there are more innovations that will be announced later.

Intel traditionally debuts microprocessors for laptops ahead of chips for desktops. Therefore, desktop flavours of Intel Core i7 and Core i5 “Skylake-S” processors are still on track to debut in September or even October.


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KitGuru Says: As expected, PC makers are trying to align transitions to Intel “Skylake” and Microsoft Windows 10. This is a good thing in general since both technologies are expected to improve user experience and their collaborative debut may finally convince a lot of people to upgrade.

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