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More and more of us have wireless networks at home. Some of those systems can be far from the router. Which card should you choose? Which router? KitGuru helps you avoid problems.

Netgear introduces two new WiFi 6 access points

Netgear's two new access points are the Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX1800 WAX610 and WAX610Y. Designed to bring WiFi 6 performance to small businesses and a higher number of concurrent devices connected, these new APs are suited to be used in any environment. The WAX610 family is perfectly suited for “moderate to high …

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Zerodium ups iOS bug bounties to $1.5 million


Cybersecurity bug-hunting firm Zerodium has announced that it's increased its payouts for bug bounties on iOS v 10, to $1.5 million (£1.16 million) from $1 million. The reason it's now put a higher price on those exploits' heads, is because iOS 10 is harder to crack than previous iterations, so …

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Cisco licenses crypto technologies from Rambus

Rambus and Cisco this week announced that the former’s Cryptography Research division has licensed select security-related technologies to Cisco Systems. The agreement allows the latter to integrate certain security technologies into Cisco products to provide protection against unauthorized access and mitigate security threats. Given the fact that it is unknown …

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Intel wants to get rid of cables with ‘Skylake’-based devices

The upcoming systems powered by the Core M “Broadwell” microprocessors will certainly be impressive. But the real revolution awaits us sometimes in 2015 – 2016, when Intel Corp.’s partners roll-out devices based on the code-named “Skylake” central processing units. Those mobile systems are expected to be completely wireless and therefore …

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Broadcom debuts 3.20Gb/s 802.11ac six-stream platform for routers

Broadcom last week introduced the industry's first six stream 802.11ac MIMO platform for home networks. Broadcom claims that its 5G WiFi XStream is up to 50 per cent faster than MU-MIMO routers and gateways. What is important is that the company’s technology can boost network performance of existing devices. Broadcom's …

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Thermaltake launches Luxa 2 Groovy T Boom Box

Thermaltake is continuing to push its Luxa 2 audio division, with the release of a new portable speaker called the GroovyT Magic Boom Box. It's a small form factor, mobile audio device that breaks the chain of cables and wireless connectivity, by requiring none of that to amplify your smartphone's …

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Intel to show wearable computing devices at CES

Intel Corp. plans to demonstrate all-new wearable computing devices it designed in-house at the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show that begins next-week. The chip giant will also introduce a new version of Quark chip aimed at various types of electronics that need to be small and have very low power consumption. …

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Aria stocking TP Link Wi-Fi extender

Listen up poor Wi-Fi-reception-home-owners, Aria is here to save the day. It's got some new stock of TP Link 150MBps Wi-Fi extenders, but there's only a handful available so grab one while you can. It's a simple plug-in adapter, that sits near flush with the wall, keeps everything neat and …

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How fast will Sky Go eat your data plan?

For anyone with an iPad and Sky, last night was really fun. Sky's programming team forced through an update, which didn't work, and services across the land were severely disrupted. One reader send us an interesting screen grab and we'd like to share the contents with you. Sky Go runs …

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Buffalo beefs up wireless routers with DD-WRT

KitGuru has reviewed quite a few Buffalo products since we opened a few months ago and so far we have admired their combination of competitive pricing and performance. Many people don't know however that Buffalo offer alternative open source firmwares for their wireless routers which are meant to deliver an …

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