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Patriot launches AERO – wireless mobile hard drive

The market for storage shows no sign of slowing down and, recently, there has been a big push to make back-up and sharing systems as easy to use as possible. For many, that means cross-platform compatibility and no wires. KitGuru takes a look at Patriot's latest launch.

Here at KitGuru HQ, we have been pondering portable/wireless storage for many years. Wherever you're working/playing, it's a good idea to back up your files. It's also cool to be able to share them with those you trust. However, the prospect of crawling around under tables with a fist full of wires is less appealing.

That's where products like the Patriot AERO mobile hard drive come it.

With the 500GB model expected to sell for less than £100 and the larger 1TB model at just over the £100 mark, there's sure to be a lot of interest in it's capabilities.

Alongside support for streaming to 5 separate devices, simultaneously, the Patriot AERO will also provide that service for up to 6 hours on a single charge.

And it's guaranteed to carry on doing that, for at least 2 years.

Mike Kroll, Senior Director of Product Management at Patriot told KitGuru, “With the exponential growth in the sales of tablets and smartphones, consumers are taking their world mobile with the desire to carry and view more content on their portable devices”.

He then confirmed, “Patriot has the largest and most compelling mobile storage lineup – from full featured all‐in‐one solutions to the multi-award winning Gauntlet Node wireless enclosure”.

According to Patriot, you can stick to proprietary standards with Apple's App Store, Google Play and Amazon's Appstore – or you can break free and choose any media that interests you.

Although you will get more pleasure licking an Aero bar - they are rubbish at streaming HD films and we have never known one to last 6 minutes in the KitGuru Lab - let alone 6 hours

KitGuru says: We love storage, we like sharing media and we like things that are wireless and last for several hours. The proof of the AERO pudding will be in the KitGuru Lab's eating, but – for now – it's looking good.

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