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Asda and Amazon drop Wii U pricing by £50

If Asda was the vanguard of the Wii U price drops, then Amazon was the main. While the supermarket chain might have beaten the online retailer to the punch, dropping its price by £50 before anyone else, Amazon wasn’t far behind, announcing a similar price drop soon after.

This means both retailers are now offering the Wii U Basic packs for £199 and the Premium pack for £249. This comes without any announcement from Nintendo of any official price cut, so it could be that Asda just isn’t selling many and is cutting heavily into its own profits in order to shift them. Amazon is likely just keeping pace.

Wii U
Tempting, very tempting...

If that is Asda’s reasoning, it wouldn’t be surprising. While the Wii U is still moving, its not doing so at a quick pace. Its predecessor, the Wii, certainly got off to a much better start.

Despite these price drops though, if you want the cheapest Wii U in the UK at the moment, you’ll need to go to Shop-to, where you can get the basic pack for an impressive £189.85. Why 85 and not 99 or 95, we don’t know, but it represents a big drop from everyone else’s pricing, which sits at around the £250 mark.

KitGuru Says: This is so tough. I want one of these so bad just so I can play the new Monster Hunter when it’s released, but I can’t justify over £200 just to play one game. Any other Wii U owners help sell me on the idea?

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