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Aria stocking TP Link Wi-Fi extender

Listen up poor Wi-Fi-reception-home-owners, Aria is here to save the day. It's got some new stock of TP Link 150MBps Wi-Fi extenders, but there's only a handful available so grab one while you can.

It's a simple plug-in adapter, that sits near flush with the wall, keeps everything neat and looks like something out of a Wall-E sequel… about WiFi. It supports up to 150MBps wireless N speeds and can extend the range of the network or simply amplify it locally, eliminating dead zones in your humble abode.


What's that you say? Your laptop is so old that it doesn't have a built in wireless adapter and you didn't already buy one for £3 on Ebay? Well, this TP Link product can come in handy once again. With its built in ethernet port, you can just plug it into whatever device is lacking internet access and turn it into a Wireless enabled bit of tech.

At just £15 these are probably going to go pretty fast, but don't think about ordering up all seven (remaining stock at time of writing) at once, as they're limited to one per order.

KitGuru Says: My last house needed one of these so badly. Fortunately, my new one is much more WiFi friendly, even if the walls aren't so soundproof anymore. 

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