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Wi-Fi at seven Gbps coming soon

Wi-Fi that can operate at up to seven gigabits per second could be just around the corner, as chipset firms Marvell and Wilocity have announced a partnership to develop the new high speed wireless technology.

The standard, known as IEEE 802.11ad operates in the 60Ghz band and was originally created by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance in 2009, designed to offer near instantaneous wireless transfers. To put it into context, current generation 802.11n Wi-Fi operates at 600 megabits per second, which works out to around 70 megabytes per second in an ideal scenario. 802.11ad allows for 7 gigabits per second, which equates to 900 megabytes per second.

Source: WiGig

“60GHz wireless is an exciting in-room multi-gigabit Wi-Fi technology that enhances end users’ wireless experience and has the potential to eliminate more wires from consumers’ homes,” said director of technology strategy at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc, Sameer Bidichandani. “We look forward to collaborating with Wilocity to deliver cutting-edge WiGig products to the market that maintain compatibility with hundreds of millions of existing Wi-Fi devices.”

Of course Marvell couldn’t be the only ones to comment, Wilocity pushed someone out front to say a few words too:

“We are honored to be teaming with an industry leader like Marvell to accelerate the momentum of 60GHz in the market,” said Dror Meiri, vice president of business development for Wilocity. “Together we will continue to lead the way to set new standards in truly wireless and ultra high-speed wireless connectivity and display solutions.”

The first chips supporting this new standard are set for a 2013 release and will enable wireless docking and low latency wireless connections between displays.

KitGuru: Interestingly, a technology like this has the potential to bring back face to face file sharing. We’re not trading disks anymore, but if a friend can send another friend a movie over a short distance in a couple of seconds, that’d be a lot easier than sorting out torrent software for the uninitiated.

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