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Intel: ‘Skylake’ to have 10–20% higher performance than ‘Broadwell’

It is not a secret that Intel Corp.’s upcoming “Skylake” processors will have a number of micro-architecture-related advantages over predecessors. Various leaks point to different kind of performance gains, but Intel itself, apparently, expects its new central processing units to be 10 – 20% faster than “Broadwell” products depending on application.

FanlessTech has published what looks like an official Intel “Skylake” platform overview for system makers and resellers. The document explains basic advantages the new central processing units and supporting platforms have over predecessors as well as give some additional understanding regarding technologies that are integrated into new desktop and notebook platforms from Intel.


One of Intel’s slide promises that the new processors based on the “Skylake” micro-architecture will offer 10 – 20 per cent higher performance in single-thread and multi-thread workloads compared to chips featuring “Broadwell” technology. Desktop CPUs are expected to be around 11 per cent faster than predecessors thanks to new micro-architecture, whereas ultra-low-power Core M mobile chips are projected to be 17 per cent faster than current-gen Core M offerings thanks to a combination of architectural and clock-rate advancements.

The upcoming “Skylake” processors will also feature Intel’s ninth-generation integrated graphics core (Intel Gen 9 LP) with a number of architectural enhancements as well as increased amount of execution units. The new integrated graphics adapter from Intel is expected to provide 16 – 41 per cent performance improvement over Gen 8 cores in 3DMark 11, according to an Intel’s slide.


Thanks to architectural advantages of microprocessors, new core-logic sets and a number of other improvements, mobile computers featuring “Skylake chips are also expected to have longer battery life than existing notebooks. Intel claims that certain “Skylake”-based hybrid PCs will be able to offer up to 11.3 hours of full-HD video playback on one charge.

Next-generation Intel Core M processors with integrated core-logic will finally offer tablet-focused input/output technologies, such as eMMC 5.0, SD XC 3.0, CSI2, USB OTG and so on. Previously makers of tablets and hybrids had to rely on PC interfaces when building their products with Core M inside, which compromised dimensions, battery life and features. Thanks to “Skylake-Y” chips, high-performance Intel-based tablets will now look and perform exactly like other slates featuring ARM-based system-on-chips.


Select mobile computers with new CPUs will also feature Rezence wireless charging, WiGig wireless docking capabilities as well as 4G/LTE cat. 6 modem. Systems powered by “Skylake” chips will also have a number of improvements when it comes to audio processing, 3D camera, touchscreen responsiveness, security and so on.

Intel plans to introduce enthusiast-class “Skylake” processors for desktops in early August, 2015. Mobile PCs featuring the new chips will hit the market in September – October timeframe.

Intel did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: Intel’s “Skylake” platform is nothing but impressive, especially when it comes to mobile computing. However, it remains to be seen whether PC makers will actually release bold and innovative systems that take advantage of everything the new silicon from Intel has to offer.

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