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Intel: ‘Skylake’ to have 10–20% higher performance than ‘Broadwell’

It is not a secret that Intel Corp.’s upcoming “Skylake” processors will have a number of micro-architecture-related advantages over predecessors. Various leaks point to different kind of performance gains, but Intel itself, apparently, expects its new central processing units to be 10 – 20% faster than “Broadwell” products depending on …

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Intel to delay Skylake processors for desktops to third quarter

Just a week ago Intel Corp. said that it would not postpone introduction of its code-named “Skylake” microprocessors in a bid to sell-off the remaining inventory of current-generation chips. However, a source with knowledge of Intel’s plans revealed on Friday that the world’s largest chipmaker will delay commercial launch of its …

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Intel: We will not delay ‘Skylake’ microprocessors

Although Intel Corp. had to delay introduction of its code-named “Broadwell” central processing units by about a year because of poor yields, the world’s largest chipmaker has no plans to delay launch of its next-generation “Skylake” chips or slow-down its ramp up. The company will start volume shipments of its …

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First specifications of Intel Skylake’s graphics cores emerge

As reported several months ago, Intel planned to significantly boost performance of integrated graphics cores inside that belong to the code-named Skylake family. Based on the preliminary specifications published today, it looks like the chipmaker only plans to improve integrated graphics in the premium products, but not in all Skylake …

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Lineup of mobile Skylake chips to feature tens of models in 2015

Intel Corp. plans to release a rather broad range of microprocessors based on the Skylake micro-architecture for mobile computers next year, according to a new media report. The upcoming central processing units (CPUs) will address all kinds of mobile devices, including tablets, 2-in-1s, mainstream notebooks as well as high-performance laptops. As expected, …

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