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Wikileaks Assange dressed as woman to evade gov spooks

Wikileaks Julian Assange was so wary of government spooks that he resorted to travelling, disguised as a woman, according to a profile published on the Guardian.

‘You can’t imagine how ridiculous it was,’ said James Ball, a one-time volunteer for WikiLeaks. ‘He’d stayed dressed up as an old woman for more than two hours.’

Assange grew up in Australia and attended 37 schools over the years, seperated from his birth father. He quickly became interested in technology and took an interest in the Commodore 64 which opened him up to a new world of hacking. In 1991, Assange and two buddies targeted the US military’s MILNET. Assange said later that he had complete control over the network for more than 2 years without being caught. In the end he pleaded guilty to 24 counts of hacking. Prosecutors said Assange’s motive was “simply an arrogance and a desire to show off his computer skills.”

Assange: dressed as a woman to avoid authorities

Later when he was 25 he finally got in touch with his father John Shipton. “Later they met, with Julian discovering he had inherited his architect father’s highly logical and dispassionate intellect,” The Guardian said. “One friend said Shipton was ‘like a mirror shining back at Julian.’

When Assange finally registered the Wikileaks.org domain name in 2006, he did so under the Shipton name.

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