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UK Politician wants in-game thieves to be prosecuted

Conservative MP, Mike Weatherley, has called for in-game thieves to be prosecuted like real criminals. The UK politician is a World of Warcraft player himself and understands that in-game items can be traded for substantial amounts of real world cash. As a result, he has called upon parliament to consider …

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Areal Kickstarter suspended, new campaign launched

The Kickstarter for West Games' Areal is a project that's seemed a bit fishy from the start. It featured grandiose claims of a true STALKER sequel, despite a miniscule budget/threshold, faked assets and Unity stock models in demos, strangely frequent comments that drown out complainers and even the claim that …

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Watch out for fake MH17 scam pages

If you're looking to find out more about the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash over the Ukraine recently, then try not to do it on Facebook, as many of the pages set up in memorial for victims – especially children – are turning out to be scams that send you to …

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£450 for an Xbox One photo?

Last week we put out an article on the Xbox One day one edition boxes being sold for as much as the console on eBay but this week's story definitely takes the cake. A 19 year old from Nottingham has paid £450 for a badly printed photo of a day …

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Hacked casino CCTV nets hackers £22 million

All this went down at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.

In something that seems more like a scene from 21 or an Ocean's # movie, hackers in Australia have managed to nab over £20 million worth of down under dollars from a casino, after hacking its CCTV security system and using it to spy on the opposition's cards. Like any …

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