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Hacked casino CCTV nets hackers £22 million

In something that seems more like a scene from 21 or an Ocean’s # movie, hackers in Australia have managed to nab over £20 million worth of down under dollars from a casino, after hacking its CCTV security system and using it to spy on the opposition’s cards.

Like any good gambling movie however, there was the technical team behind it all and a front man. He was apparently a known whale, or high level gambler, at the casino in question. This gave him access to the high roller room, where larger amounts could be bet and therefore won.

All this went down at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.
All this went down at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Source: Sky News

Once in place, the front man bet against the house and other gamblers, using a notification from his buddies that had hacked the camera system – and could therefore see everyone else’s cards – about when to bet or fold. It’s not known at the moment how the man received the signal. I hope those websites have good security in position to avoid this as explained in casino sites.

It wasn’t until later that night the the casino discovered the problem and they sent security teams to the front man’s villa. He was still there, so they kicked him out and banned him from ever coming back. The casino has said it hopes to recover most of its money.

KitGuru Says: Security at these places seems so tight, it actually seems pretty impressive when someone sneaks past it.

[Thanks Herald Sun]

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