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Shoppers managed to trick Walmart in to selling PS4s for $50

It looks like some shoppers won't need to wait until Black Friday to get a good deal on a Playstation 4 as people have been successfully scamming Walmart thanks to the store's price match guarantee. Under its current policy, if a customer comes in to the shop and finds a lower advertised price on an identical product, it will match it.

In order to take advantage of this, people were creating false Amazon selling accounts and listing Playstation 4 consoles for as low as $50, then walking in to Walmart and coming out with a super cheap console. Amazon is usually pretty quick to shut these pages down but those looking to buy only need a screenshot of the listing to show the cashier in order to request a price match.


Some shoppers have been successful in doing this. One Twitter user (found by Kotaku) managed to snag a console for just $50 while others have been grabbing them for closer to $100. People on the deals forum site, Slickdeals.net are also sharing success stories.

Walmart is probably aware that this is happening and will be quick to reform its policy and ensure it stops. While some managed to get away with this trick, most people likely won't be able to get away with it anymore and will have to wait for the holiday sales.

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KitGuru Says: That is a pretty sneaky trick, I'm surprised anybody actually managed to get away with it.  What do you guys think of this? Would you consider this to be a form of stealing? or has Walmart only got itself to blame? 

Via: Gamespot

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  1. the whole shopping setup of “price matching” is to blame, its done on purpose so all large shops can agree on a single, well overinflated price.
    Its often not used by customers and so the shops float on the PR campaign it creates; pretending to be cheep.

  2. They customers are stupid though. They think they will win in America against a massive corporation on US soil that’s filthy rich!

  3. “The item must be currently in-stock at the online retailer’s website at
    the time the request for the price match is made.”We do not honor:
    Misprinted or inaccurate prices. Prices from marketplace and third-party sellers.” They’ve made fake accounts and it doesn’t say if they are actually registered businesses. They’d
    also have to prove they didn’t make the listing for this reason and also
    prove that they had every intention to sell. It’s fraudulent and
    against the policy.

  4. As someone that works as a Walmart cashier, price matching is annoying as it gets. However, it’s such a large discount that I would have to get permission from someone else just to make the sale, and I’d probably get a manager to take care of it.
    Please don’t try this…

  5. in my walmart we dont price match online prices

  6. If a screenshot is all it takes then somebody could create one in seconds with just a simple right click > inspect element…

    This smells of fake to me.

  7. In belgium we got that too with some stores, but online stores do not count…. Thats a lot more fair.

  8. TheDisasterousDoobs .

    what? HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY DO THAT? (sorry for dual monitor screenshot)

  9. Walmart ant aware of anything, it was just last week I purchase four PS3 games at $1.97 cents from the Superstore, then took them back to Walmart and got myself a gift card to purchase better PS3 games to add to the collection. I’ve been doing this for years and the girlfriend purchased two Call of duty Black ops II games for the same price that’s list at Walmart for $44.97 dollars, so that’s a hundred dollar gift card.

    He’s one that’s old school go out back and you’ll see their garbage can with all the returned items take one walk in the store and get a free gift card easy as that, there’s more but I ant going to tell you how to pull it off.


  10. its a scam and walmart isnt very smart i mean if it was a ps3 then maybe i could see them falling for it but come on a ps4 really walmart? the people that got away with it do they know someone at walmart or something cuz who ever was working and let them get away with it should be fired

  11. Pretty easy actually. I use Chrome, and here you just rightclick at something in the browser and tap the lowest option. I don’t know about other browsers though. In this screenshot I changed 399.00 dollars to 0.99 dollars on Walmart’s website.

  12. haha not quite, I mean on the Amazon listing, just right click over the price you want to change, choose Inspect Element, and then edit it in the panel that opens.

    You can’t buy it from Amazon at this price but you can take a screenshot if you’re trying to do this price matching scam…

  13. I’m gonna try posting the image again. First time I’ve posted images on Kitguru 😛

  14. I tried deleting this post after I got it to work in the original comment, but instead it just changed the author to “Guest”
    Odd… :/

  15. Stop spamming. Everyone don’t click than link….

  16. This isn’t stealing this is fraud & the people doing it can be persecuted but hey it’s probually not worth it unless they come in & do it multiple times.

  17. Plot twist: someone opens a retail store, produces an ad, buys products via price matching, closes the store.


  19. Walmart is so stupid. It doesn’t take a lot to make a bs website you can use to scam a price match.

  20. http://www.cc.com/jokes/o0zjfg/stand-up-mitch-hedberg–mitch-hedberg–mitch-s-pizzeria

  21. Let me know if it works, I want an Xbone so I can play Forza. 😉 lol

  22. Honestly can’t believe anybody got away with this considering how big of a discount it was… If I was the cashier I’d say I’d have to check with a manager before ever doing a sale like that.