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Valve warns of online scams as Counter-Strike 2 beta demand rises

Typically when there is an invite-only beta for a game, a certain number of players will search for ways to purchase a beta key in order to skip the queue or guarantee access. With Counter-Strike 2, Valve is granting beta access to a certain number of players with recent playtime in CS:GO but there are no keys to grant access, which has led to a rise in scams. 

On Twitter this week, Valve has warned of a growing number of online scams, claiming to sell Counter-Strike 2 beta access with an access key. The company reaffirms that there are no redeemable keys for the beta and no third-party would be capable of checking your Steam account for access.

As escorenews reports, some sellers have been found on the Russian market, claiming to sell beta access for anywhere between $70 USD and $150 USD, but given how limited access is, there is a high chance that these offers are simply scams. The only way to give access to the beta to another person is to get an invite from Valve and then sell that Steam account.

Selling your Steam account is against Valve's ToS too, so the buyer of the account could risk getting a ban.

Counter-Strike 2 was announced earlier this week and Valve immediately began its limited access beta, inviting a small number of accounts with recent playtime on official CS:GO servers. Hours played using a third-party matchmaking service like FaceIt will not count. The full game will release this summer.

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KitGuru Says: Given that this is a new Valve game and how popular Counter-Strike is in general, there is going to be a huge amount of demand for beta access. For now, your best bet is to stay patient and just wait things out. In a few months time, the game should become available for all anyway. 

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