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Valve officially leaves CS:GO behind

While Valve replaced CS:GO with Counter-Strike 2 a few months ago, the previous game has remained accessible through Steam. As of now though, CS:GO's official matchmaking servers are now offline and Valve has warned of future feature degradation, such as access to the inventory in-game.  Counter-Strike 2 has entirely replaced …

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Valve confirms Counter-Strike 2 esports plans

Earlier this month Valve broke its silence and finally announced its next game – Counter Strike 2. The game is set to release to all this Summer following a few months of playtesting. Now, Valve has announced what this means for the esports scene, confirming that the Paris Major tournament …

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CS:GO surpasses 1.5M concurrent players

The CS:GO concurrent player count has been growing over the past month, with the shooter consistently breaking its peak concurrent player record. This weekend, following the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, the game saw another surge, surpassing over 1.5 million players online at once.  Since Valve officially revealed Counter-Strike 2, CS:GO …

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Nvidia may have leaked CS:GO 2

We've been hearing rumours about Valve working on a new version of Counter-Strike for years. As far back as 2017, we've been hearing plans to bring CSGO to the Source 2 engine, and other rumours have claimed that an entirely new Counter-Strike game is being made. The latest Counter-Strike leak …

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