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Counter-Strike 2 is real and a beta should be announced very soon

A few days ago, references to Counter-Strike 2 were found within the Nvidia driver. Now, new evidence suggests this was not a mistake, in fact, sources are now claiming that Counter-Strike 2 is indeed on the way and is currently a ‘high priority' at Valve, with plans to launch a beta in March or April. 

Richard Lewis, a long-time esports journalist and broadcaster, spoke to several of his sources this week who confirmed that a new Counter Strike game is in development and is referred to as Counter-Strike 2 internally. Apparently, the new version of the game has been in development for quite some time already.

This will be the long-awaited ‘Source 2' version of Counter-Strike, bringing improvements to graphical fidelity. The sources also said that matchmaking improvements are a big focus, as Valve hopes to make third-party services like FACEit less necessary for competitive players. Valve may also match Valorant with 128-tick servers, another improvement that players have been asking for.

According to the report, this new version of Counter-Strike is “about ready to go” and a beta should be happening soon. Currently, the game is being tested by professional players at Valve's HQ, as well as a few third-party game testing companies.

As always with anything Valve-related, plans can change with essentially no warning and the company itself is not going to confirm the game until it is ready.

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KitGuru Says: CS:GO has had a fantastic run and is still highly played today but it does seem like it is time for something new.  

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