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Valve is ramping up server capacity to deal with Counter-Strike 2 demand

Counter-Strike 2 officially launched this week, replacing CS:GO. As you may expect, this has led to an uptick in new players and while we typically don't see issues with Valve's matchmaking services, the company is in the process of adding extra server capacity to cope with demand. 

At the time of writing, there are over 1.2 million people playing Counter-Strike 2, with the 24-hour peak sitting at just under 1.4 million. This is still pretty far off from the all-time peak of 1.8 million concurrent players, a milestone that was set five months ago around the time Counter-Strike 2 was officially announced.

On the official Counter-Strike Twitter account, Valve confirms that it had hit server capacity in a few regions yesterday and they have been adding more server capacity to cope with demand. The good news here is that this issue took place during the week – chances are Valve will need those extra servers for the weekend once more players have the time to load up the game.

Counter-Strike 2 has been in a public test phase since March, with Valve sending out invites to active CS:GO players to provide feedback on the new game before going live. Initially, the plan was to ship CS2 over the summer, but Valve missed that target by just a few weeks.

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