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You can now sync LastPass across PC and mobile for free


LastPass is one of the more popular password managers around, giving users a convenient way to create unique passwords for every account and keep track of them all. Previously, LastPass has a pricing scheme in place, forcing users to pay out if they wanted their password database to sync across …

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UK government to invest £2 billion in digital defences


The UK government has announced plans to invest £1.9 billion over the next five years in improving the defences of the country’s digital infrastructure. It’s hoped that with better education, more investment in newer systems and a more proactive approach to defence, the UK can prevent a greater number of …

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Camera driven mass DDOS attack used rented botnets


The last month has seen DDOS attacks on various sources on a magnitude no one has ever seen before: in some cases more than a terabit per second of data. This was more than anyone thought possible, but it was all because whoever was responsible, rented some of the most …

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Avast AVG sale finalised, 97 per cent of shares acquired


Following the announcement in July that anti-virus firm, Avast, was buying up industry rival AVG, months of back and forth negotiations, trade agreements and share talks have taken place, but finally the money is being paid and the stocks transferred. In the early hours of this morning, 97 per cent …

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IBM now using biometrics to prevent fraud in online banking


Banking institutions that make use of IBM’s Trusteer Pinpoint Detect system to help secure their online platforms, will now be able to make use of biometric tracking to prevent fraud. The system is able to track mouse movements, clicks and other interactions, to build up profiles of users, thereby detecting …

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AI could help stop the next Gordon Gecko


I’m not going to pretend to know much about the stock market or share trading, but what I can do is reference ’80s movies and tell you that the big bad guys from those Wall Street film productions may become a thing of the past, in the future. Thanks to …

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UK banks may not be reporting all breaches to customers


If one thing has become apparent from breaches of corporate stores of customer information in recent years, it’s that the fall out is usually lessened if you give people a heads up that they may have been compromised. An alternative for British banks though, is to just not tell anyone. One security …

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Russia’s head of anti-piracy arrested for ‘fraud’


The head of one of Russia’s largest anti-piracy agencies has been arrested and charged with fraud, stemming from an alleged incident where he offered to drop the case against a well known pirate site in exchange for monetary compensation. He is said to have demanded as much as 50 million …

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Snowden 2.0? Another NSA contractor arrested for classified theft


The U.S. Department of Justice has confirmed that a government contractor was arrested in August and charged with removing and retaining classified materials without permission. Other sources have confirmed it was an NSA contractor who was detained, though it isn’t clear at this time what information he is alleged to …

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Yahoo responds to ‘misleading’ email scanning reports


Earlier this morning we learned that email provider, Yahoo, had been accused of secretly scanning the emails of all of its users at the request of the United States government. Using a specialised piece of software, Yahoo is said to have scanned the emails of all users for specific phrases …

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TalkTalk fined £400,000 for poor security practises


It has been almost a year since TalkTalk suffered a huge cyber attack, in which the personal information of over 150,000 customers was stolen. Now, the UK-based ISP has to face the consequences, as the firm has been fined a record £400,000 for poor security practices, which left consumer data …

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Street Fighter V PC update removes backdoor security risk


Last month, Capcom tried out a new ‘anti-crack solution’ to help prevent Street Fighter V piracy on the PC. Unfortunately, this was achieved by installing a hidden, completely insecure rootkit in Windows, leaving a huge security loophole in people’s systems. This obviously led to a lot of complaints from those …

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Yahoo said to confirm major security breach this week


It looks like Yahoo may have suffered a massive security breach recently, which could impact millions of users. So far, Yahoo has yet to publicly confirm the data leak but according to sources close to the situation, the breach is ‘widespread and serious’, we should also be getting confirmation from …

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Tesla patches remote braking hack flaw found in Model S


Tesla has released a hotfix for its Model S electric car to close a potentially nasty hole in its security, which could have allowed hackers to remotely take control of the vehicle’s Controller Area Network. The researchers who discovered it even showed themselves remotely activating the brakes of a Model S …

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Pokémon Go player records own mugging on livestream

In another instance of a Pokémon Go player being attacked by someone unscrupulous, we have a near perfect video account of the crime, since the victim was livestreaming the whole time. In it we see the mugger approach, launch his assault before running away and factory resetting his new phone. …

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British athletes hit by latest hacked data dump


More athlete confidential files have been released by the hackers responsible for cracking into the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) servers and stealing away medical records. Although it appeared that the hack at first targeted U.S. athletes exclusively, now they’ve released files on several British Olympians too. It appears now that …

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Russian hackers leak U.S. athlete doping test data


WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, confirmed yesterday that its databases had been hacked and confidential medical data, some of it on U.S. olympic athletes, had been stolen. Worse still, this hack is actually being laid at the feet of the Russian government, with some claiming it’s revenge for WADA’s attempt …

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Flash porn videos will soon become a thing of the past


In the gradual disintegration of support for Adobe’s Flash player, porn sites are some of the last hold outs, but not for much longer. With browsers like Chrome ending support for it in the near future, many of the world’s largest porn peddlers are now announcing that they’re moving over to …

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200+ sentenced since new revenge porn laws introduced


During the 2015-2016 year ending in March, a total of 206 people were prosecuted utilising new ‘revenge porn’ laws introduced at the start of last year. This comes out of a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) report, which looks at many aspects of sexual offences against men and women. A big reason for …

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Guccifer hacker sentenced to 4+ years in jail


The Romanian hacker known as Guccifer, has been sentenced to a total of 52 months in jail by a U.S. court, after extradition to the country earlier this year. He plead guilty to several charges relating to hacking various high-profile members of the U.S. political system and has now been …

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Millions of Dropbox passwords have leaked onto the web

Way back in 2012, the Dropbox database was hacked, leading to 68 million users having their details stolen. At the time, Dropbox reported that user email addresses were in-fact stolen but didn’t touch on passwords. However, this week, millions of Dropbox passwords leaked onto the web, originating from the attack …

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Earthquake zone residents urged to leave Wi-Fi open


In the wake of the Italian earthquake which has claimed the lives of several hundred people, local residents of stricken areas are being asked to remove the password protection on their Wi-Fi networks, as mobile networks continue to remain down. The Italian Red Cross put the call out first, as …

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