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PetHub tags help keep your pet safe when you can’t

For people who really want to keep track of their pet should they run off, GPS collars offer a really easy way to get find out where they are. But if you aren't around to do that, or you want your pet to have a backup option should you fall ill or be unable to help them, PetHub's combination of ID tag, pet profile and WalletCard could be a great way to give yourself piece of mind.

PetHub's QR tag and collar system provides your pet with a unique, Facebook-like profile of all of their information. Like a simpler version of the micro-chips often used for identifying lost dogs, the advantage with the PetHub tag is that it doesn't require a vet to check it, just a smartphone. When combined with the new WalletCards, if your dog goes missing or you can't help them, you know they're covered.


While the tags might mean that if someone finds your dog they can have access to much more information through the QR code or phone number about who your pet is, where they come from and where they need to be returned to, the WalletCard comes with all the same information. The point of it is, should you be incapacitated somehow, whoever ends up helping you can use that information to make sure your pet(s) are ok also.

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Considering some of the GPS and smart collars that are available now, PetHub's ID solution seems a little low-tech, especially since it's aiming to be more advanced than your traditional pet collars. However that's why it fits a nice middle ground, because the former types of tracking or ID systems are often rather expensive. In comparison, PetHub's tag and ID card can be set up for as little as $30 (£25).

Despite access to a dedicated phone line and online profile, there's no mandatory subscription charge either, as there can often be with active tracking services. There is however a premium, $3 a month service if you want, which offers automated alerts when a profile is viewed, a GPS location for someone who has viewed the pet's information and directions to find your pet's saviour.

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KitGuru Says: While most people would likely have loved ones who would know to look after their pets should something happen to them, this does offer a nice piece of mind for those concerned that their health may put their pets at risk. 

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