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Microsoft and Nvidia may soon turn your Xbox into an RTX 4080 powered gaming PC

Microsoft has walked back on its plan to turn any TV into an Xbox with its own cheap cloud streaming box. The new plan seems to be turning the Xbox into a powerful gaming PC. According to new leaks, Microsoft and Nvidia are now working to bring GeForce Now to Xbox consoles, which would allow users to turn their consoles into RTX 4080-powered gaming beasts.

GeForce Now already offers better quality options than Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming service. While Xbox Cloud Gaming is powered by Xbox Series X hardware, GeForce Now has options like GeForce Now Priority and GeForce Now Ultimate, which grant access to more powerful RTX-powered servers. GeForce Now Ultimate subscribers can stream at up to 120FPS on supported devices, at up to 4K resolution, while Xbox Cloud Gaming is limited to lower resolutions and frame rates at this stage.

According to leaker ‘eXtas1stv‘, GeForce Now integration on Xbox is being tested, putting a new option on certain Xbox Store game listings to “play with GeForce Now”. This is similar to how the Xbox Store handles other subscription options, like EA Play, Ubisoft Connect and Game Pass, adding a new button next to games on the store alongside the traditional ‘purchase' button. For now, the GeForce Now option only appears to be showing up on the Japanese Xbox Store.

Microsoft and Nvidia have not yet announced anything officially, but with Microsoft partnering with Nvidia last year to bring all PC Game Pass titles to GeForce Now, it seems likely that this idea has been kicking around behind the scenes for a while.

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KitGuru Says: While GeForce Now's Ultimate tier membership is expensive, it is a lot cheaper than building an RTX 4080-powered rig and you should benefit from future hardware upgrades too. We would expect that eventually, the RTX 4080 powered servers will be upgraded with RTX 50 series GPUs. Assuming your internet connection is up to the task, it can be a great alternative for those who don't have the space for a dedicated PC setup.

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