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PlayStation Now is getting 105 new games to stream

Last year, Sony announced that it was trying to bring backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4 in a different way, using a cloud gaming service known as PlayStation Now. This service allows PS4 owners to rent and stream older titles to their consoles and now, an influx of 105 games …

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On-Live to shut down, Sony acquires patents

On-Live has been struggling ever since launch, the cloud gaming service never really performed up to par and as a result, most people gave up on the service and the idea of cloud-gaming entirely. Now, the company is finally closing its doors this month and Sony will be picking up …

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Nvidia to launch Shield Black Friday bundle this week

Nvidia is set to launch its own Black Friday bundle for the Nvidia Shield tablet in the UK and the US this week, giving shoppers the chance to get their hands on the tablet, the controller, the Greenbox bundle and free access to Nvidia’s recently launched GRID cloud gaming service. …

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Android Lollipop arrives on Nvidia Shield tablets

The public OTA update for Android Lollipop on Nvidia Shield tablets is now live and should be hitting your device some time today if it hasn’t already. The update will bring Android’s latest user interface, animations and notifications inspired by material design. Users should experience improved app performance and the …

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Sony criticized for overpriced Playstation Now beta

Sony is currently facing heavy criticism from gamers, YouTuber’s and traditional media outlets over its Playstation Now beta pricing. Right now the service is offering plenty of older titles such as Saints Row the Third and Final Fantasy XIII-2 but the rental options are more expensive than buying a physical …

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Microsoft shows off Cloud gaming tech demo

Microsoft has shown off a tech demo for its cloud computing technology at its yearly Build Developers Conference this week. Microsoft has talked about cloud computing and its ability to help systems run games better for some time now but had yet to really show gamers any proof. Titanfall is …

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Nvidia announces ecosystem of Game-Stream certified products

Nvidia has been pushing its Game-Stream technology recently, the service originally launched on the Nvidia Shield handheld late last year and was arguably its biggest feature, but now it seems that the graphics chip maker is looking to expand as it has just announced its partnership with several other companies …

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Square Enix announces Project FLARE

Square Enix has just announced Project FLARE, a new way of delivering game content to users through the cloud by using super computers to create game worlds. Streaming services like Onlive work by having console data centres miles away that process your input and send the video feed back to …

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Google TV to get OnLive Access

Google TV OnLive

Google is set to team up with Marvell and OnLive, to deliver a cloud gaming experience from within its TV sets. To handle the remote gameplay, Google will be relying on Marvell’s ARMADA 1500 chipset. According to the trio of firms, ARMADA is “the ideal processor to power tomorrow’s ‘smart’ …

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