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Xbox cloud gaming has increased by 50% YoY claims Phil Spencer 

For the past generation or so, Xbox has been putting an increased amount of emphasis on its cloud gaming platform, with Microsoft continuing to update and improve its xCloud game streaming service (to some degree). In a recent interview with Phil Spencer, the President of Microsoft Gaming revealed that Xbox cloud gaming has grown by 50% year-on-year.

In an interview conducted by HipHopGamer, Phil Spencer was asked “what’s your vision in terms of Xbox Game Pass, Samsung [cloud gaming], and beyond?” to which Spencer replied: “Cloud gaming for us is growing 50% year over year.”

Of course, it is worth noting that while a 50% increase is pretty major, we do not have precise figures for what this growth means in context. Is it an increase from 2% to 3%, or from 30% to 45%? We don’t know.

Still, it seems as though there is a market for cloud gaming – even if it seemingly doesn’t resonate with core console/PC players.

KitGuru says: What do you think of cloud gaming? Could you ever see yourself using the tech? Let us know down below.

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