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Microsoft signs another 10-year cloud gaming deal

The CMA may have opted to block Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard but Microsoft is showing no signs of backing down. The company is already preparing to appeal the ruling and in the meantime, the company is also still signing 10-year deals guaranteeing access to major IP to other cloud gaming providers. 

Microsoft was not able to convince the CMA that it wants to grow the cloud gaming market and not impede it in the months leading up to this week's ruling. However, the company is still signing deals, which should go a long way towards helping its appeal in the UK, and help push the EU towards approving the deal.

The latest deal has been signed with NWare, a Spanish cloud gaming provider that offers cloud storage and server access for users to stream PC games they own across different launchers to almost any device.

If the deal is approved, smaller cloud providers like NWare and Boosteroid, as well as major companies like Nvidia and EE, will get access to Xbox first-party titles and Activision Blizzard games like Call of Duty.

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KitGuru Says: Given all the work Microsoft has put in to offer its games to rivals in the cloud space, seeing the deal blocked on the grounds of protecting the cloud market does seem a tad ridiculous. Deals like this should help Microsoft convince the EU and should also aid its appeal efforts. However, ultimately, if the deal does not go through, then Call of Duty will likely remain off of cloud gaming services and Xbox will continue to focus on its own xCloud efforts, rather than trying to help grow the market through guaranteed access to IP. 

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