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Sharing data and other resources, safely among a trusted group is key to the success of small and medium sized businesses. Home servers are also becoming more popular. Save time and money by listening to KitGuru.

Mushkin enters the market of enterprise-class SSDs

Mushkin, a leading manufacturer of various consumer-class computer components, on Monday introduced its first enterprise-class solid-state drives (SSDs). Since the company is a newcomer to the market of enterprise-grade SSDs, its drives are not aimed at the high-end of the market, but are designed for various workstations that require improved …

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Cloud server hardware providers rub their hands

For each generation of good idea, there needs to be a seed: An injection of high-profile capital that energises the market and fires the imagination. With The Cloud, that investment could well be from Microsoft. KitGuru pulls out the trusty old abacus. People have been talking about the cloud for …

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HP ProLiant Micro Servers land under £250

The lines between PC and server, server and NAS box have never been blurred as much as they are now. You only need to look at the descriptions associated with any ‘specialist’ piece of kit to see that. But KitGuru has just seen a deal for a genuine HP server …

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New Raspberry Pi appears with lower price tag

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi made a big, fruity splash when it arrived back in 2011, as a cheap method for teaching computer mechanics and as a very small form factor system for modders and hackers to play around with. Now though, we have a new iteration out in the wild, known …

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Crunching data with a million cores


In what is a record breaking achievement, researchers at Stanford University have just leveraged a million cores from the Sequoia IBM Bluegene/Q supercomputer to simulate the amount of noise produced by an experimental jet engine – one that they hope will allow for much quieter jet propulsion technology. While there …

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TonidoPlug 2 Small Home Server Review

Media and enthusiast-servers are growing in popularity as more people realise the benefits within a home environment; after all numerous computer systems, tablets, televisions and phones can be utilised in accessing media files. Media servers allow people to have media stored in one area which can then be streamed to …

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Green pioneers direct current data centre with HP

While Dell is packing big and bad with the news that it has a brand new line up of tiny and powerful Copper servers with ARM technology, HP has not been resting. Instead, its engineers have been working with the biggest IT/communications service providers in Switzerland, to try and save …

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Dell ramps up 15 watt ARM multi-core servers

Go back far enough, and servers were mini-computers or even mainframes. Even something as humble as a 200MB hard drive was the size of a washing machine and it would thud and thunk as the read/write head flew across a massive spinning disk. Then came Apricot’s 486 servers and things …

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Asus launches range of ESC G2 supercomputers

If you’ve been sitting at home, researching GPGPU and wondering “What’s the best way for me to assemble a super computer with almost 2,000 CUDA cores, 24GB of memory and the ability to process close to 5 billion triangles a second?”, then Asus may have the answer for you. Not …

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SeaMicro’s new low power server has 512 Atom cores

SeaMicro today announced a new low power server which contains 256 of Intel’s Atom N570 dual core processors. The new SM10000-64 has 512 Atom processing cores which operate at 1.66ghz, which when combined deliver 850GHZ of processing power. Intel’s low power Atom processors are generally used in netbooks and low …

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IBM achieve $100bn sales in 2010

In the mainstream enthusiast sector, IBM aren’t often brought up in conversation. Although with the recent news of them backing ARM technology, this might change. Latest financial reports however show that in the professional sector they racked up $100bn of sales in 2010. IBM mainframe sales in 2010 were the …

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AC Ryan Playon!HD Essential Review

Dutch based A.C. Ryan have been receiving critical acclaim recently for their series of Playon!HD media devices. We have reviewed their full range so far on KitGuru and today we look at their latest edition, the Playon! HD Essential. The Essential is the first ‘no network media player’ with the …

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Channel poll says Cisco rocks HP

KitGuru recently reported on how Computercenter, one of the world’s biggest HP customers, had shunned HP Blade servers for its own data centres. Instead, Computercenter chose newcomer Cisco. Looks like things might be about to get a whole lot worse for HP. As HP is fond of saying, maybe this …

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