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HP plan ‘Project Moonshot’ – low power servers

Hewlett Packard are planning to create a new range of lower power servers and may associate with companies such as AMD and AHP Inc in the creation of the products.

According to reports HP are looking into ways to create machines which demand lower power to save businesses money when powering their networks. The project dubbed ‘Project Moonshot’ is an active step by the technology giant in moving forward with lower power demands and more optimised server builds.

They are also working with microprocessor manufacturer Calxeda to create new servers directed at corporations who need to run social community services. According to ForexDice the pilot server should be tested in the first half of 2012 although no indication has yet been announced of when they will be sold.

Hewlett Packard will also be working with a series of companies, incorporating high levels of storage and networking capabilities. Rumors are surfacing that they might be working with software companies to enhance the available software for specific vendors.

Kitguru says: Low power servers can save companies tens of thousands of pounds every year.

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  • Lucas

    Excellent, good to hear. especially for USA which consumes a huge percentage of worlds total power.