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nVidia Tesla champion heads for AMD

Against a backdrop of AMD's Chief Sales Officer managing to bring home the Q3 bacon in the shape of a $95m profit, it looks like AMD is becoming an altogether more attractive place to be. The latest defection comes from nVidia's compute team. KitGuru snoops for more resolution on the details.

Way back in 2007, Jean-Christophe Baratault became the EMEA GPU Computing Lead, responsible for the Tesla product line.

According to those in the know, JC was an integral part of creating the Compute ecosystem for nVidia – oiling the machine as far as manufacturers and parallel programming partners were concerned.

It's exactly that history of successfully selling highly profitable hardware and solutions into the ‘serious market' space that has attracted AMD.

Having won the Apple Mac Pro deal and appointed Sapphire to head up the charge on FirePro graphics into the channel, AMD is hoping that acquiring someone with JC's experience and contacts will help them win serious business in the ‘FirePro for server' space going forward.

JC has turned his back on the Quadro side of things, believes that FirePro has a rosier future
JC has turned his back on the Quadro side of things, believing that FirePro has a rosier future

KitGuru says: With AMD's Chief Sales Officer, John Byrne, beaming from ear to ear after the latest financial news, it will only take a strong showing in consoles, OEM/ODM wins with APU and a positive move toward FirePro for AMD to be able to deliver even more next quarter/year. Byrne's team will be hoping Baratault will be the man to help AMD attract the phatest profit deals in town.

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