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Hewlett Packard speak to Kitguru about Larry Ellison comments

Several days ago KitGuru published an article on the Oracle SuperCluster, with 1,728 processor cores. In this article Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was rather scathing in his comments about Hewlett Packard.

Larry Ellison said that HP’s high end products were comparible to a ‘turtle’ and highly vulnerable in the market.

“The Oracle benchmarks show the Supercluster with a 66 percent better price to performance ratio compared with HP. This isn’t the first time he has been negative with HP in the press, or even at events.” said our reporter Carl.

HP ProLiant blade servers

Hewlett Packward spoke to Kitguru this evening and wanted to issue the following statement to our readers:

“HP is the No. 1 provider of enterprise servers in the world.  We are focused on our customers, and those customers continue to be won over by our combination of technology, product performance, and pricing.  The numbers prove it – our Enterprise Storage and Servers segment saw 25% revenue growth year over year during Q4 FY2010, and HP was the only major UNIX vendor that reported server growth.

Larry Ellison bought a money-losing business that had steady market share declines for years, and which still ranks at the bottom of the market. Customers aren’t fooled by outdated benchmarks, no matter what Oracle says. HP’s market share results prove it. Sun customers are running to HP in droves because they recognize we deliver superior technology, performance and pricing.”
– HP Spokesperson

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  • Ned

    Nice they replied to this so publicly. nothin to hide 🙂 Larry Ellison seems like a bit of a loud mouth to me.

  • Tech Head

    Whats the bit about outdated benchmarks mean exactly? did Oracle use a suite tailored to their hardware specficially? id like a bit more clarity on that bit.

  • Joanas

    Oracle used a database series of reports which are specifically tailored to their CPU based platform, everything else is always going to look bad. Its not indicative of a real world server situ

  • Francis

    Good they spoke to Kitguru. Only question is, what exactly was Ellison bitching about, their outdated hardware? i thought Hewlett Packard used Intel processors in their blade systems? aint much wrong with them.