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AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Review – overclocking performance

Rating: 9.0.

Today AMD release their new Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition processor, the successor to the ever popular 1090T Black Edition. As the 1100T doesn’t look that exciting on paper (with a 100mhz clock increase), we felt we would approach this review from a slightly different angle – taking our readers on a ‘step by step’ guide to see how far we could push the chip with some hardcore air cooling.

The AMD Phenom II X6 processors have been a favourite with the ‘value aware’ performance enthusiast audience … people who love the idea of having six physical cores, but are unwilling to pay Intel £700 for the pleasure. There is no doubting that Intel’s Core i7 970 and Core i7 980X are the performance leaders, but at £705 and £730 inc vat respectively they can seriously sap your bank balance.

When you compare this against the wallet friendly X6 1100T’s £225 inc vat asking price you can begin to understand the appeal of the unlocked AMD processors.

A large portion of the audience reading this today will be focusing on the overclocking capabilities of the new chip and many may also be moving up from a 1055T, the cheaper AMD ‘locked’ alternative. We aim to cover as many overclocking performance bases today as possible, and hopefully by the end of the article you will be better educated as to what you can expect from AMD’s latest and greatest, if you spend a little extra money on system cooling.

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  • Seth

    bloody hell, nice overclock man. that is a cracker processor.

  • Raymond

    Love the cinema4d information, i use an older quad core for rendering a lot and this seems like my next upgrade. price point is better than I thought. I remember the 1090t was 250 when it came out.


    Like the idea of a review/OC guide. I never know how the fuck to overclock my chips. the 1055T guide you did helped me alot.

    Id love to say ill get this for my upgrade, but its a bad time of the year, maybe in the new year.

  • Manny

    Love it. well done.

  • Gavin

    Nice overclock. I only managed to get 500mhz out of my 1055T which was pretty poor. Good to get your views on voltage also, not many ocing guidelines on that and hard to know from forums who is talking out of their ass and who is right.

  • David

    OCUK are selling this for £225 inc vat? thats a deal and a half, just ordered one.

  • Colin

    Ive been holding off on a new platform for ages. Im a multiple core fan, I bought the first core quad eons ago and havent upgraded since. Might look into this in the new year when I have some spare cash to burn.

  • Garry

    I agree this is one of the best looking AMD chips yet, the overclocking potential seems high. that noctua NH D14 cooler is insane however, covers the motherboard basically !! not exactly easy to work around it.

  • Tomas Meledum

    unusual review style, but I like the overclocking guide concept. My friend used the 1055T guide here months ago and it helped him. headroom seems higher on this chip, but I think it might be a hand picked review sample? possible ?

  • Kal Lightman

    If you arent overclocking then its not worth the premium over the 1090t. pointless really. I hope this review sample is a good indication of headroom. I watercool and I got the 1090T to 4.3ghz easy enough with 1.65 volts. potential for 4.5ghz here.

  • Samm

    I like this editorial. its a boring release so getting the max from air cooling is a nice way to differentiate the test results. Seems to be a good purchase, but its hard to fault for the price. its a strength of AMD’s releases in the last year. aim for the lowest point possible and max the cores.