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SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard Review

Rating: 8.5.

There are a huge number of gaming keyboards on the market so it can often be very difficult to make a decision on which to buy.  When we review gaming keyboards it is always good to see a product that brings more features to the table and differentiates itself in some way from the competition.

Today we are going to look at the SteelSeries Shift gaming keyboard which is different from many keyboards on the market.  This is because the whole keyset is removable and can be replaced with customised keysets for a variety of games.


  • Audio and USB hubs
  • Media Keys
  • Exchangable Keysets
  • Multiple Levels of Macros
  • On-The-Fly Layer Switching
  • Direct Macro Recording
  • Rubber Dome Switches
  • Fine-Tuned Heat Spots


  • Height: 40 mm (1.6 in)
  • Width: 490 mm (19.3 in)
  • Length: 190 mm (7.5 in) – With wrist rest 240 mm (9.5 in)

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  • Paddy

    Bought this last week, I really like it, but I dont think its a wonderful typists keyboard. not to the league of say the DAS or 7G.

  • John

    WOW players should love this, with the addition of the WOW board. bit costly though, but I guess quality counts.

  • Enteris

    This was the first Steelseries item i bought, but I have been disapointed. First the keyboard looked awesome but it wouldn’t be recognised by the Engine. I then updated the firmware wich broke the keyboard completely. No response what so ever from it and the workaround released by Steelseries just plain don’t work. So now im stuck with a not working keyboard and a very bad feeling about it.

  • Dave

    Really? shit thats bad. I had the update fail on me, but I managed to get their fix to work. Is the board completely dead man?

  • Large Mon

    I wouldnt touch this board, not after reading a thread on anandtech about the failure rates after flashing the firmware. some serious under the hood issues with this product.

  • Hank

    my brother bought one and its fine, no problems with the update, could it be related to a 64 bit os ?

  • Ned

    Serious coinage, for a keyboard. but they seem to be well made. his this one got a steel chassis?

  • bad2derbone

    enteris, the exact same thing happened to me, im stuck with a keyboard that dosnt work!!! has anyone got any sujestions what to do? have heard of the “fix” for the board but not been given it off steelseries!! am really dissapointed, was hoping they’d get this sorted before putting it out there