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SteelSeries Shift Gaming Keyboard Review

The Shift is supplied in a standard style cardboard keyboard box which should provide it with ample protection during transit.  This is covered in a whole host of information about the keyboard inside alongside a number of product photos.  SteelSeries have used a grey, white and orange colour scheme which is in keeping with the rest of their product range.

Inside the box we don’t find a whole lot extra with the keyboard but there isn’t really a need for a plethora of accessories.  There are a few, though, including a palm rest, a user guide and a selection of leaflets.

The aesthetic design of the Shift is quite pleasing to the eye when compared to some of their existing products like the 7G that we reviewed a few months back.  The wide stance of the base gives it quite a presence on the desk even without the included palm rest attached.

SteelSeries have finished the shift in a high-quality matte-black plastic which looks and feels great.    Even though it doesn’t have a metal backbone like the 7G, the keybed remains free of flex and the whole board feels very robust and durable.  The cable carries a thick plastic shielding which should stand the test of time well and all the connectors are gold-plated to ensure the best possible connection to your PC.

Behind the illuminated SteelSeries logo there is a two port USB2.0 hub and headphone and microphone jacks.  SteelSeries have thoughtfully included a separate USB2.0 connector for the hub so not to overload the keyboard connector.  Unlike some keyboards, the Shift doesn’t have a build in USB soundcard so the audio jacks simply plug into the back of your machine.

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