AMD orders HUGE price cut on FX-9590 – Game on!

When KitGuru ran a preliminary analysis of the price/performance for the AMD FX-9590, we calculated a bang-per-buck based only on early info from the channel. The conclusion at that stage was clear: The price was well out. Now that has changed – and in a big way.

The idea of a processor that can Turbo to 5GHz straight from the box is very appealing.

The idea of a price tag around £700 would be enough to turn off Jerry Sanders himself.

A posting has just gone up on Aria’s web site to say that a MASSIVE price cut has been declared by AMD.

Calculating backwards, it looks like the drop from AMD on the FX-9590 is close to $500.

That’s the channel price.

For AMD enthusiasts, it means that your FX-9590 is now likely to be available for as little as £299 inc vat!

We have been saying it for ages: The chip is fine - but needs a $500 price adjustment. And now we have it.

We have been saying it for ages: The chip is fine – but needs a $500 price adjustment. And now we have it.

KitGuru says: Perfect. Exactly the news that any AMD fanboi would have been looking for. This $500 drop is just what the KitGuru ordered.

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  • Saif

    awsome stuff, well i would wait to grab it for 400$ else i prefer to add 55$ for the upcoming i7-4930k or actually i wouldn’t, this is abit confusing @.@

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  • Saif

    yet still i’d wait for it to drop even more befor getting it like 50$ more, because am pretty sure on release date the price would be 250-300$ max, hopefully by the time their new gpu release ( Radeon 9970 ) something would have changed in about 2 months from now, but what is really wierd is that why wouldn’t they release the 9590 at the same time as the radeon 9970, surely many people would buy a new rig when it’s out (inclueding me) so why not ? why force amd fans to choose intel ?

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  • Graham

    Smart. There was no way they were competing with SB-E in almost all applications; only the hardcore AMD fans would buy it at that price point. No way people on the fence would get that processor over an i7-4770k.

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