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Powercolor pics: HD6990/HD6970X2, HD6870X2, HD6850 SCS3

We have some shots for you from Computex of the upcoming Powercolor HD6990 Custom design, which is not yet finished. The HD6870X2 which will be available very shortly and the HD6850 SCS3.

Yes, the custom HD6970x2 has three power connectors, its not a mistake !

Stay tuned for more Computex coverage over the coming week !

KitGuru says: Credit cards at the ready!

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  1. some awesome looking cards in the pipeline. everyone will be wetting themselves at the custom HD6990. but im really interested in the X2. what a cool idea. other manufactuers doing this particular model?

  2. 6870X2? wozzers that looks awesome. what about a 6990 X2 ? :p

  3. custom HD6990, wish I could afford that sucker.

  4. Is that lucid on the cards? surely not !

  5. Nobody review or use the quadfire 6850? Isn’t it what Powercolor 6850 single slot offering? I wonder how long these card will last. Ain’t the new generation about coming soon? Like at the end of the year?