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Sapphire HD7950 Overlock Edition Crossfire Review

Rating: 9.0.

AMD launch their latest graphics card today … the high end HD7950. We have analysed several partner products already this morning and in this particular review we will focus on the custom Sapphire card, which is supplied in an overclocked state with proprietary two fan cooling solution.

While our other reviews today have detailed single card configurations, this review will focus on Crossfire performance. We will also look at three screen gaming, and whether it is worth spending extra money for two cards.

The Sapphire HD7950 Overclock Edition has received a core clock increase of 100mhz, taking the final board speed to 900mhz. Unlike XFX, Sapphire haven't touched the memory speeds however, maintaining the 5Gbps data rate.

This card isn't classed as one of the high grade ‘Toxic' or VaporX' Edition cards, so we are interested to see just how good the cooler is.

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