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Samsung launches 15TB V-NAND SSD

Samsung has just launched the world's biggest SSD, packing in a massive 15TB of storage space into a 2.5-inch enclosure. The design was announced back in August last year but the 15TB drive is now actually available.

This isn't a drive aimed at consumers though. For starters, a 15TB SSD would be far too expensive for most to afford but the key reason is that the 15.36TB PM1633a SSD uses a 12Gbps SAS interface rather than a traditional SATA interface, meaning these drives will be geared towards server and data centre use.


Samsung's drive is pretty fast too, with a random read/write IOPS rating between 20,000 and 30,000. Sequential read and write speeds sit at 1200 MB/s, which is more than twice the speed of your average consumer SATA based SSD.

This drive also makes use of Samsung's 256Gbit V-NAND chips, which allows Samsung to fit higher performance and higher capacities into smaller spaces. It is essentially the reason Samsung was able to cram 15TB into a 2.5-inch SSD enclosure.

KitGuru Says: With SSD's becoming more and more popular, it is great to see company's pushing for even higher capacities. What size SSD do you currently use? Do you find yourself needing more space? 

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