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Apple calling on Samsung and LG to supply OLED displays for iPhone

It looks like Apple will be making a big change in 2017 for its iPhone line by making the switch from LCD displays to OLED screen technology. Talk of this happening has been floating around for a while but according to new reports this week coming out of Japan, it will actually happen sooner than expected, with Apple expected to make the switch to OLED for the iPhone 7S next year.

Japanese outlet Nikkei is responsible for the initial report, which reports that Apple is set to partner with LG and Samsung to supply OLED displays.


Apple is apparently close to securing a $12 billion deal with the two rival phone makers to mass produce OLED displays for future iPhones. According to the report, the rush to OLED is in an effort to help combat the slowing down of iPhone sales and get people interested once again.

Switching to OLED will also allow Apple to experiment with flexible and thinner displays too which could pave the way for new phone designs.

KitGuru Says: OLED display technology is very impressive so it would be nice to see Apple make the switch for future iOS devices. 

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