The War Z got hacked

With all the hate its received and the lack of acceptance of Sergey Titov’s apology over the whole War Z “saga,” we should have seen this one coming. Hackers managed to take down zombie survival MMO The War Z for a short period and at the time of writing, Steam users are still unable to access it.

According to the ungoing support thread discussing the attacks, “First we were hit with an attack that would rest our DNS IP so that you could not connect”, which was followed up with a traditional DDOS attack on the login server. Both attacks were fought off by the developers, but for a couple of days no one could login to the game. While some can now do so, those that originally bought the game through Steam – despite being lied to – still can’t play.


Logging in? Good luck with that.

There’s no real indication of when it will be fixed either. Since The War Z was pulled from Steam, with Valve suggesting that until it sees a build that isn’t bug filled, it won’t be added back, developer Hammerpoint doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on with the company. According to the latest update from game community manager, “Kewk,” We [Hammerpoint] have no alternative to seek help directly from steam and have requested this from them. Unfortunately, they may not get back to us until tomorrow in the afternoon worst case scenario. However, I am going to try and cut some corners and see what can be done to get something sooner.”

There are some suggestions for users affected by this bug, such as flushing DNS settings, but it doesn’t appear to be helping many.

KitGuru Says: Considering the general consensus from KG readers that people shouldn’t be playing this game for a whole host of reasons, I’m impressed by the 100 page deep support thread. Obviously a fair few people bought this and still want to play it.

Do any of you guys have a copy? Is it as bad as people make out?

  • Richard

    I have this game and i think a lot of the early negative press was to do with the fact people seemed to stupid to realise it was an alpha at the time!
    It has also suffered a number of public blows that would bring most companies to there knees, However i think it is a testament to the staff that they have managed to come back from each incident and recover well.

    The game itself is good although still very buggy but each time i logon i seem to see a new issue fixed.

    I think if people stopped dwelling on the past and the mistakes that were made and supported them then we could end up with an extremely good game.

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  • Itsyuka

    My friend has a copy of the game and said it isn’t that bad but there is quite a bit of bugs, but besides the bugs it is beautiful and “might” mean there will be competition for DayZ and what it has to get up and beyond to.

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  • Jack

    The game was fun when it came out, especially if you were playing with friends in teams killing people and getting heavily geared. But the game when downhill when the hacks were developed and Sergey brushed them aside not doing anything to keep them under control. Soon the game was over run with ‘Kiddy hackers running through walls and other ridiculous antics. To this day he has come out with his apology, but still not done a percentage of what he needs to do with the game. To be honest the game is still in beta in my eyes. There isn’t enough items, weapons even vehicles maybe, just a bombardment of hats. They have said they are going to introduce these features but the game has been out 3/4 months, and we have not seen a monumental amount of progress.
    But oh well, we’ll see in 6 months time when they actually get their fingers out their asses. :)

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