Valve files another trademark, guess what for

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Valve has been smashing out headlines this past couple of weeks, whether you're talking about the SteamBox, SteamOS, the new touchpad/joypad controller or the Half Life 3 trademark. You can't look left or right without bumping into a new Valve story and today we have another: Valve just trademarked Portal 3.

As with the Half Life 3 filing, you can see the digital paperwork over on the European trademark office site, by clicking here (and searching for trademark: 012190286) where it clearly shows Portal 3, a computer game or electronic game software, registered by Valve Corporation on 2nd October.


Looking at the application, we can see that this has been given the once over by the OHIM organisation, but this filing does put us at loggerheads with the recent leak of information from within the Valve Jira database, that Portal 3 isn't in development. So whether this one turns out to be a fake, like it's believed the previous Half Life 3 filing was (since it has been removed from the site since) remains to be seen.

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think this is? A real filing? Another headline grabber which I've walked right into? Or perhaps just someone playing a prank? Let us know on the KG Facebook page.

[Thanks VGLeaks]

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