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Bioware quietly fixes slipup that led to early Mass Effect Andromeda crack

Denuvo has been slipping somewhat recently. Resident Evil VII only took one week to crack and pirates successfully managed to break in to Mass Effect Andromeda fairly quickly too. However, it seems that in Mass Effect's case, the fault lies with Bioware, who forgot to update their version of the anti-tamper software before releasing the game- an issue that has been quietly fixed in the latest patch.

It turns out that Mass Effect Andromeda may have actually shipped with an older version of Denuvo in place. As a result, the game was cracked in a short space of time, just like Resident Evil VII earlier this year. Andromeda's 1.05 patch quietly updated Denuvo's anti-tamper tech while also fixing a few other problems with the game.

At this point, those downloading and cracking the older version of the game will still be able to play. However, due to this Denuvo update, subsequent Andromeda patches will stop the crack from working. This also means that while pirates technically can still play the game, they won't be getting the best version, until crackers get around to sussing out this new version of Denuvo.

KitGuru Says: It seems that animations weren't the only thing Bioware rushed through to get Mass Effect Andromeda out in to the world. The team also forgot to update the version of Denuvo it was using, which has opened up the floodgates for piracy much quicker than anticipated.

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