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Adobe Max in May – Powered by CS7

While creative types across the globe are still working with various versions of CS5, Adobe has moved passed CS6 and is ready to unload CS7. The Adobe Max Conference will be a hotbed of graphic lust. KitGuru casts an eye over the proposed content.

Starting Saturday 4th May, Adobe's mega conference will bring together experts, enthusiasts and professionals to The Los Angeles Convention Centre.

For the privilege of accessing all the latest/coolest content – as well a a stream of presentations around your favourite creative tools – you'll need to be over 18 and willing to spend the best part of $2,000.

OK. We get it. It's serious.

On the plus side, if you're worried that there might be too much to take in, attendees will have access to all of the content after, through a secure streaming system.

While some of the Adobe CS7 sessions will be Ye olde ‘sit there and listen', some will be Labs-Based with hands-on and a 3rd, much more interesting option, will be BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. Nice.

As fibre takes control of the web and 10-100Mbps Internet connections become a reality, Adobe will be putting a lot of stress on remote collaboration – even for video work which has, traditionally, been far too serious to share outside of an internal network.

KitGuru says: There are those who don't appreciate how much Adobe pushes the world forward with each generation of launch – but the algorithms for selection and transformation are constantly improving. Not important for the amateur – but crucial for professionals. Roll on CS7

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