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Apex Legends is getting cross-play next week

Respawn Entertainment has wanted to bring cross-play multiplayer to Apex Legends for a long, long time now. Back in  June, the studio confirmed plans to bring the feature to the game later this year and next week, it will officially be going into beta. 

The cross-play beta will cover PC, Xbox One and PS4, combining all of the multiplayer pools for theoretically quicker and more varied matchmaking. Cross-progression is unfortunately not included though, so you'll need to level up and grind on different platforms independently of each other.

Cross-play will be switched on by default in Apex Legends, but only for console players. You will need to manually opt-in to a lobby with PC players by teaming up with one friend playing via Origin. Cross-play will also be supported for PC players on Steam later in the year when the game comes to Valve's platform.

We don't know how long the feature will be in beta for, or if input-based matchmaking will be implemented later down the line similarly to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Hopefully we'll find out more as the month goes on.

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KitGuru Says: Apex Legends is finally getting cross-play, which should be a decent boost for matchmaking queues, although it is a shame that PC players are still stuck to their own lobbies unless playing with someone on a console. At the same time, given the mouse/keyboard advantage, it also makes sense. Are many of you still playing Apex Legends regularly? 

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