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A new game comes to the Switch’s N64 online service

In the past, Nintendo would honour its legacy titles by offering them for sale through the eShop. With the Switch however, the console manufacturer opted to create a subscription service instead. Years after the last major update adding SNES titles, the Switch finally saw Nintendo 64 games release onto the platform via an Expansion Pack. This ‘Expansion Pack’ has now gotten its first update, but is only adding one new game.

Making the announcement, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo 64 classic ‘Paper Mario’ would be coming to the Switch’s NSO + Expansion Pack service. Joining on the 10th of December, Paper Mario is the first entry in the spin-off RPG sub franchise, one which experiments with both art style and genre.

The game received universal acclaim from both critics and fans alike at the time with IGN claiming it to be “a fantastically deep, intuitively designed, and wonderfully rewarding experience complete with enhanced takes on old-school turn-based fighting mechanics and a statistic system that would satisfy any RPG fanatic.”

Even though there is no denying that Paper Mario is a valuable addition to the N64 Online service, offering just one game can be seen as being stingy by some – especially when PlayStation offers at least 3 modern games every month, and Xbox Game Pass manages to include all first party, and many major third party releases throughout every single month. Hopefully Nintendo rethinks their retro game strategy.

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