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Intel 12th Gen CPU pricing leaks via European retailers

We’re still a short while away from Intel launching its upcoming ‘Alder Lake-S’ 12th Gen Core desktop processors, but retail pricing appears to have leaked already. Pricing information for K-series processors in Europe has been uncovered, both with and without VAT.  The prices leaked by @momomo_us come from three different dutch …

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AMD EPYC ‘Genoa’ CPUs to feature up to 96x cores

It appears that some of AMD’s future plans for EPYC processors are beginning to leak. Seemingly tied to a recent hack on Gigabyte’s servers, documents detailing AMD’s upcoming EPYC ‘Genoa’ platform have made their way onto the web.  Screenshots of the leaked documents popped up on Twitter via @KittyYYuko (via …

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Intel ‘Raptor Lake-S’ power requirements have been unveiled

We’ve recently shared the alleged power limits for the Intel Alder Lake-S series of processors. Now, it’s time to do the same for Raptor Lake-S, the alleged successor of Alder Lake-S expected to release in H2 2022. As reported by Igor’sLAB,  Raptor Lake-S power requirements are divided into 35W, 65W, …

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Intel Alder Lake-P/M power limits detailed

Intel Alder Lake-P/M mobile CPUs have been further detailed thanks to an update to the Coreboot kernel for Google Brya. The update details the power limits of four CPU core configurations, including Alder Lake-P 2+8+2 (big + small + GPU), 4+8+2 and 6+8+2 configurations and Alder Lake-M’s 2+8+2 configuration. Google …

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