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Qualcomm aim for Q4 ‘Toq’ smartwatch launch

Qualcomm have announced that they are joining the smartwatch ranks, announcing that they will release their TOQ product in Q4 this year. The ‘Toq' brandname was chosen because of the similarity with the word ‘talk'. mmm.

The company say that the device is ‘Designed to serve as a second display to your smartphone'. Like other smartwatches it will integrate with your smartphone and display relevant data on your wrist. The company are also releasing a bluetooth enabled headset that ‘sits outside the ear canal for all day comfort and wearability'. It can obviously integrate with Android products.

Interestingly the watch has wireless charging capabilities and an ‘always on' screen. The smartwatch will charge in the supplied case, flipping open to reveal a slot for the watch to rest when it isn't being worn. This case can also charge the optional Bluetooth headset. Qualcomm say that the screen is an ‘interferometric modulator display' that ‘leverages the light around it so you can see your screen anywhere, even in bright sunlight'.

Qualcomm claim that this device can last for days on a single charge which is impressive, if accurate. They have yet to release detailed technical information on the internals, but we would guess these will be coming in the coming months. No pricing information yet either.

Kitguru says: No news yet on the Apple iWatch, but it looks as if they will be battling against a multitude of models from other leading organisations.

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