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Anyone can now order multiple Raspberry Pi units

Customers wishing to get their hands on the $35 Raspberry Pi mini ARM PC have had to register their interest with their partners up until today before they could place an order. Fortunately for everyone else, from now on it will be considered as a general delivery item which means there is no more requirement for these order invitations. Furthermore, multiple orders are now allowed – perfect for schools and universities. Previously only one order per person was permitted.

4,000 Raspberry Pis are being manufactured daily.

However, just because orders have been opened up to everyone doesn’t mean you will get a package in your letterbox in just a week’s time. While delivery times as low as 5 weeks are being claimed you can now expect this time to be about 10 weeks. I ordered my own Raspberry nearly a month ago and it still hasn’t been shipped so don’t expect miracles. However, this is how the $35 cost price is kept so low, and honestly that’s fine with me.

For our readers interested in checking out the Raspberry Pi for themselves you can order from RS Components or element14/Premier Farnell.

KitGuru says: Get in now before before they effectively sell out.

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