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Dropbox refreshes website, adds keyboard shortcuts, photo viewer

Dropbox has just gone public with a cleaner and perhaps much needed website refresh. The refresh has a “simpler, more powerful, and more beautiful web experience,” according to Dropbox themselves. What is new is an updated action bar and a new right click menu that allows you to quickly download, move or delete a file.

Dropbox's new website interface, complete with a cleaner look

Images now get thumbnails to quickly determine photo101.jpg from pictureabc.png and there is a simple photo viewer built right into the website. Drag-and-drop functionality and keyboard shortcuts are now present, a list of which can be accessed by hitting the ‘?” key. A new indexed search box that instantly searches your files for you is also waiting for you.

However some users in the blog post comments section are left wanting, the ability to sort files and folders by size is currently missing but overall most users are praising the new look for having an updated and more modern feel to it.

The cloud storage giant teases us at the end, telling us that “this is only the first step — you can expect a lot more cool stuff in the next few months.”

Kitguru says: While this update didn’t bring more free storage it did add some useful features to Dropbox’s website.

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