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Windows Live Messenger to be retired by year’s end

For about as long as I can remember Windows Live Messenger has been my instant messaging service of choice but it looks like I will soon have to change. After more than a decade Microsoft’s long-existing service is set to be retired, but the technology behind it is set to live on through Skype.

Reports are saying that Microsoft will announce the retirement of Live Messenger by the end of the year, possibly as early as this week. While the client may no longer operate, the technology behind it is being migrated to Skype. Reportedly 80% of messages currently sent through Skype are handled using the Messenger backend. This also means that users will be able to log-in to Skype using their Messenger account and communicate with existing Windows Live Messenger contacts.

For a while it has been obvious that Microsoft wishes to push Skype across all of its platforms so phasing out Messenger seems like somewhat of a formality.

KitGuru says: Life without Windows Live Messenger sounds a bit strange to me right now but as they say; any change is good change.

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