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Intel announce next gen 20Gbps Thunderbolt

Intel have announced their next generation Thunderbolt interface which features a data rate bandwidth of 20Gbps in both directions, on each of the two channels. The previous version was 10Gbps.

Intel also mentioned that they had 200 licensees for the technology and that new, thinner cables will be released in coming months. The company also mentioned their new Thunderbolt host controller codenamed Redwood Ridge. This will be built into some of Intel’s upcoming fourth generation Core processors.
Apple were one of the first to adopt Thunderbolt on their Macbook laptops.

The new generation Thunderbolt technology codenamed Falcon Ridge will enable 4k video file transfer and display simultaneously and it offers backwards compatibility with last generation cables. Product is said to start ramping up next year. Intel showed a demo of the technology running at 1,200MBps.

You can see the technology in action over here at Engadget.

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